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We want to make it easy for you to make an appointment at BOSH. There are two ways to do so:

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FAQ's - Frequently asked questions


How do I make an appointment?
Call 305 981-0609 to schedule an appointment or fill out our online form and we will contact you.

Do I need a referral/prescription for physical therapy from my doctor? Although, in the State of Florida, physical therapists have direct access to patients, most insurance companies, including Medicare, still require a prescription from the doctor.  Please contact your insurance company to see if they require for you to have a prescription from you doctor.

Is my insurance going to pay for my therapy? It is imperative for you to contact your insurance company to find out how much your out of pocket expenses will be and how many visits they will approve for physical therapy.  

How long is the physical therapy treatment? Typical treatment lasts approximately one hour.  

What should I wear? We need to have an easy access to the body part that we are treating.  Thus if we are treating you knee, a pair of shorts would be appropriate.  For lymhedema treatment, most likely you will have to expose the entire limb that we are treating.

Will I need any supplies and who will pay for them? Most physical therapy treatments, except for lymphedema, do not require any supplies.  However, for lymphedema treatments you will need lots of supplies, such as compression bandaging and compression garments.  It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to find out what they will pay for.  A list of supplies will be provided for you on your first visit.

What happens on my first visit? First, please arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out all the necessary paperwork.  Most patients, except those who will be treated for lymphedema, will be examined and evaluated and if the time permits will be treated on the first visit.  Patients who are coming in for lymphedema treatment will be evaluated only and provided with educational material and the list of supplies they will need to have in order for the treatment to start.  Most supplies required for the lymphedema treatment can be purchased at our facility or on line.  We do not accept insurance payments for the lymhedema supplies.  Lymphedema treatment can’t be started until patient has acquired all the necessary supplies!

What happens on my follow up visits? Please arrive on time.  Your treatment is approximately one hour long.  If you are late, your treatment will be cut short, in order to accommodate the next patient.  Typical physical therapy treatment may include the use of therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation, use of hot and/or cold packs, localized soft tissue work, therapeutic stretching and strengthening exercises, and instructions in home exercise program.  We don't  do massages! If you need or want a massage, you need to go see a massage therapist.

How often and for how long do I need to come in for therapy? Most patients attend physical therapy two to three times per week for three to four  weeks.  Although, the duration and frequency varies greatly depending on the diagnosis.

Who provides the treatment for me? The initial examination and evaluation is always done by the physical therapist, who sets up the plan of care for the patient.  The treatment is most often provided by the licensed physical therapist assistance in accordance with the treatment plan provided by the physical therapist.

What kind of results can I expect from physical therapy?  No matter what area of the body ails you – neck, shoulder, back, knee – physical therapists have an established history of helping individuals improve their quality of life.  Physical therapy can help you improve mobility and strength, eliminate or decrease pain, reduce risk of injury, and possibly avoid surgery.  In cases of lymphedema, complete decongestive therapy will significantly reduce the edema.

How do I know when I’m done with the physical therapy treatment? Although, complete resolution of pain and complete restoration of mobility and strength are the ultimate goals of physical therapy, often these goals are unobtainable.  Thus discharge decision is often guided by a combination of factors, including, the nature of the injury or the disease, limitations of the insurance coverage, and patient's compliance with the treatment.  

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